Handcrafted Sustainable Clothing DVAA


DVAA was born in a 300 SQ FT apartment in Bombay (2015).


Born out of the need for effortless and comfortable clothes that can look good and be good on the planet.

timeless pieces that hard handmade and comfortable
Ethical Fashion and Thoughtful Designs, Women's Wear


Started with a deep desire to help artisans and preserve the craft who otherwise would go into hard-labor.


Our goal is to be at the intersection of being good to the planet, provide fair wages and safe working conditions to our weavers and cotton farmers, while creating long-lasting timeless pieces that can go past trends and seasons.

Design and Brand Philosophy of Sustainable and Ethical Fashion Brand DVAA


We started travelling to remote locations across India to find various indegenous crafts and started working with them. Building relationship and working directly with them has given us many insights into their life and lifestyle. We wanted to embody that, show-case their craftsmanship and push the boundaries wherever possible.

In 2021, we moved to New Jersey, USA while retaining a footing in India to create authentic handloom products. Therefore, all our garments are designed in our studio in New Jersey and our fabrics are handmade in India.